Welcome to the Post-Convention-Cruise after the Rotary Convention Hamburg 2019

Four days in the Baltic Sea:

The Kiel Fjord and the Danish South Funen Archipelago
Do you want to make your dream of sailing on a windjammer come true at last? Not sure yet whether you can endure the pitching and tossing of the waves? This short IYFR Post-Convention Tall-Ship-Cruise is an excellent way to get a taste of real traditional seafaring adventure in an unbeatable combination with touristic highlights and sightseeing at wonderful charming places !

From Kiel-Holtenau, we will sail along Baltic Sea coast within sight of the coastline. At this time of the year, only low waves and moderate wind speeds are to be expected in this area of the Western Baltic Sea. We guarantee plenty of fresh air, but certainly no 'hell ride' in gale-force winds. Even in these few days at sea, you will enjoy the comfort and excellent on-board cuisine and experience genuine traditional seamanship.

The crews will welcome you on board the tall-ships in Holtenau on the western shore of the Kiel Fjord at the traditional “Tiessenkai” Pier, where numerous old schooners and cargo ships are anchored on the quay at dusk. During the welcome drink and dinner on deck and in the lounges, you will have the opportunity to observe the lively coming and going at the locks of the Kiel Canal. From small sports yachts to ocean liners, vessels of all kinds and sizes can be seen passing by around the clock on the world's busiest artificial waterway. On the walk to the small Holtenau lighthouse, you will get a taste of the nostalgic harbor atmosphere .

After breakfast, it will be time to "cast off!". On the eastern shore of the fjord, we will see Laboe's naval memorial; soon afterwards we will reach the open Baltic Sea at the Kiel lighthouse.

Kiel-Holtenau is the starting point of our journey: the locks of the Kiel Canal (left) and the lighthouse near the mooring area (right).

Sønderborg (DK)
We will cross the invisible German-Danish maritime border and find ourselves in the sheltering harbor of Sønderborg, on the island of Als, which will be our mooring for the night. A major attraction is the royal castle with its park, which is within sight of our mooring spot. A walk along the harbor row with the historic merchant's houses and a stroll through the Old Town with its typical Danish tranquility should not be missed.

Ærø / Marstal (DK)
We will head for Marstal in the southeast of the Danish island of Ærø. The reputation of this seaport as Denmark's sailing ship hub is not exaggerated. At the turn of the 20th century, a fleet of more than 300 commercial sailors was based here. Even today, the port is still a busy place with steel and wooden shipyards, engine factories and a ferry port. The seamen's houses are built close to the harbor. In between, the narrow streets and alleys twist and wind in a charmingly disordered manner. The harbor is home to the internationally renowned Maritime Museum, which houses more than 200 ship models and other exhibits from all seven seas.

Eckernfoerde (DE)
This small German town dates back more than 700 years. From the harbor to the shops, from the shops to the beach, from the beach to enjoying some fish everything is at close quarters in Eckernfoerde. The idyllic harbor with its sailing yachts and fishing boats has an inviting promenade that winds around the edge. Just at a stone’s throw, there are shop-lined streets enticing visitors to take a relaxing stroll. The fine sandy beach with its colorful roofed wicker beach chairs is also just a few minutes’ walk away. There are numerous attractions such as the ‘Bonbonkocherei’ – an artisan sweets factory - and St. Nicholas’ Church, 
as well as the wooden bridge, which separates the inner and outer harbors.


Please note the following information on the travel schedule:

► The route described here is optional and may change at short notice due to wind and weather conditions.

► Alternative destinations may be the ports of Bagenkop or Faaborg on the Danish coast.

► The decision on where to head is made by the captain on the same day.

► This ensures that your sailing trip will be a pleasant mixture of adventure, relaxation, active participation and pure enjoyment.
Please consider the following notes on the itinerary:

The indicated ports are optional. The ship's management reserves the right to change the itinerary at short notice depending on wind and weather conditions.