Welcome to IYFR Friendship Meetings at the Rotary Convention Hamburg 2019

Welcome to all IYFoRians from far and near. We are looking forward to sharing with you a lot of wonderful events as there are:

  • First non-official Get-Together at Restaurant „Schifferboerse“
  • Infopoint and Bistro evening at the tall-ship "Eye of the Wind" - NOTE: Bistro evening is fully booked - a waiting list has been opened
  • Dinghy-sailing on the Alster-Lake - Non fleet members welcome
  • Meet and Greet dinner at „Alsterlounge“  next to boat-rental Fun-Regatta - Non fleet members welcome
  • Visit of the well known famous International Maritime Museum (Peter Tamm)
  • Dinner „Catch of the Day“  - restaurant within the museum building
  • Harbour Cruise
  • AGM at Novotel Hamburg City Alster
  • Gala / Formal Dinner & Turnover Ceremonies at Hotel Hafen Hamburg

NEU: Pre Convention Tallship Cruise ...
... mit dem Segelschulschiff SEDOV

Der Törn führt von Rostock-Warnemünde nach Hamburg,
( 25.05. – 01.06.2019 ) Weitere Infos hier ►►:

Einschiffung am 25 .Mai 2019 ca. 11 Uhr in Warnemünde, mit Tenderboot da die SEDOV vor Reede liegt
Ausschiffung am 01.Juni 2019 ca. 10 Uhr in Hamburg,
Liegeplatz Überseebrücke - Einlaufen ist für den 31.Mai geplant


  • The convention will be followed by an exciting 4 days "Post-Convention-Cruise" starting from Kiel (Baltic Sea) where we planned to visit small, romatic danish and german harbors. (Depending on the weather).
  • Our fleet consisting of 4 chartered tall-ships. The four will be accompanied by German IYFoRians on their own ships so we can join together in every harbor stay. 
  • Joint welcome and farwell dinners are also scheduled.